Rune Songs Songbook

Complete Lyrics, Chords, and Rune notes

This is the complete collection of all 24 rune songs with full chords, additional sheet music for the chants/galdrs, and notes on the runes themselves as well as the songwriting process for each song.  Available from Bandcamp for immediate shipping.  Limited number of songbooks available.

The Web We Weave

7-song Album released 3/5/21

Album of 5 songs (plus two.additional bonus tracks) released as a Patreon project.  Available as a digitial download or as a limited edition CD from Bandcamp.

Christmas 2021

5-song instrumental released 12/25/2021

An instrumental album based on the four weeks of Advent and the celebration of Christmas/Yuletide available from Bandcamp.

Rune Songs Volume 2

Cathy McMusic

The second volume and completion of the entire 24-track Rune Songs project, with guest musicians Jason Neerenberg (bass & vocals), Betsy Tinney (cello), and Alexander James Adams (fiddle and effects). Available at

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